Shumen, hotel Orbita - Shumen, Reserve ahora en línea hoteles en Shumen, Bulgaria
Shumen, hotel Orbita - Shumen, Reserve ahora en línea Hoteles	Shumen

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hotel Orbita - Shumen

Number of rooms: 16

Address: Shumen,

In room: Baño, Teléfono, TV

Places to see nearby

» Shoumen Fortress 

Shoumen Fortress

The historical and architectural reserve Shoumen Fortress is situated 3 km west of the center of the town of Shoumen. The fortress has existed for more than 3200 years, as the district has been inhabited since high antiquity. The Shoumen Fortress is very well preserved and is the local biggest historical and architectural monument. According to the archeologists the stronghold was built at four platforms in the antiquity, and was expanded later in the Middle Ages. During the invasion of the Slavs and Avars the fortress was destroyed. Later the Bulgarian khan Omurtag built it again. In 11th century the stronghold was conquered by the Byzantine army. As a Bulgarian bulwark the Shoumen fortress has played quite a significant role. It survived even in the early years of the Ottoman yoke. In 1444, during the crusade of Wladyslaw Warnenczyk (Wladislaus III of Varna) the stronghold was destroyed and burned down. This is one of the best-studied archeological monument in the country. The fortress and cult architecture, the houses and the outhouses, and the thousands of movable monuments show the variety of functions the fortress had during the different ages, especially during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Today, the Shoumen fortress is an outdoor museum.

» The Jordanov 's house 

The Jordanov 's house

The village of Marash is situated 10 km away from the city of Shoumen. On your way to the village, you pass through a natural tunnel formed by a wattle of walnut-tree branches that lead you straight to the village. One of the most remarkable sights in the village of Marash is the Jordanov’s house. The old man Jordanov was among the wealthiest people in the village. He had a big 12-member family, a big house and many cattle and other domestic animals. The village still remembers baj Jordan. Nowadays his house is one-of-a-kind in Bulgaria. The restored museum-house is located in the village of Marash. It is built in 1883 - the thickness of the walls is 50-60 cm – put up with clay loam and straw bricks, two storied, white - colored, on the road side the roof is supported with bays, there are wooden posts, wooden staircase and tiled wooden peak on the yard side, in the yard – fruit trees, rye-grass, trellis vines, flowers are planted and there is a vine yard also. The house consists of the following rooms: barn with a variety of agricultural tools and devices, weaving workshop, odaja (respite and dining room, drawing room (tavern), cellar (wine cellar) and a penthouse (shade). The Jordanov 's house is not functioning as a museum house in which tasting is carried out. One of the most popular drinks that could be tasted there is the original Bulgarian yellow lemonade, made by an old recipe from the XVIII c.

» Pliska Fortress- first Бulgarian capital 

Pliska Fortress- first Бulgarian capital

Founded by Khan Asparuh bu 681, two km from the present city of Pliska.

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hotel Orbita - Shumen - pictures
hotel Orbita - Shumen - pictureshotel Orbita - Shumen - pictureshotel Orbita - Shumen - pictures

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Location: City | 

In room:  Baño   Teléfono   TV 

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Location: City | 

In room: Baño | Teléfono | TV | 

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Shumen, hotel Orbita - Shumen, Reserve ahora en línea hoteles en Shumen, Bulgaria